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Why is a mold inspection important and what is involved?

Generally, the majority of common molds found in some homes and buildings are not a concern to someone who is healthy. However, there are some individuals, especially those who have existing health concerns, who may be sensitive to mold exposure. If you have allergies or asthma, you may experience skin rash and itching, running nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, and aggravation of asthma. Also, if you have an immune suppression or underlying lung disease, you may be at increased risk for infections from molds.

If you have a musty or mildew type smell in your home, office or workplace or can visibly see evidence of mold growth, an inspection of the premises can provide an invaluable amount of information that can affect your, your family’s or your employees’ health.  Through this service, your inspector will determine if there is a presence of mold and, if so, what type of mold, what concentration, and how it is affecting the air quality in your environment.  In addition, moisture tests are conducted to identify or confirm the source or cause of the mold. A follow up discussion or meeting would occur after the test results are obtained.  The lab results are full of technical biological jargon which we interpret and translate into more understandable layman’s terms. Once the presence, type and source of the mold is confirmed, we can offer suggested removal tips or a list of qualified environmental contractors trained and experienced in demolition, mold remediation, waterproofing, and preventative measures for your particular situation. 

What is air monitoring . . . third party air monitoring?

Air monitoring is used as a one-time air test to assess possible air quality contamination or as a continuous sampling of exposure levels during an asbestos remediation or removal project.  This monitoring provides information that can affect key procedures, protection equipment severity and, more importantly, health implications. 

Our Asbestos Project Inspectors (API) are state-licensed professionals retained by the building or property owner to monitor the asbestos project for compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Responsibilities include initial, project and clearance air sampling along with visual inspections during the course of the asbestos project. The primary goal is for compliance of the work activity in order to protect building occupants and the general public from exposure to asbestos. The inspector is required to be there by state law for the safety of the workers, property owner, and local environment. The inspector has the capability to stop work and shut the job down, and not resume until regulation violations are corrected.  In having this responsibility, the inspector cannot be hired by the contractor so as to prevent any bias, tampered results, or protective equipment shortcuts. 

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