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At Atlas Environmental Inspections, we recognize that no two environmental hazards are the same. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Accordingly, we stay singularly focused on the client’s problem and concerns in order to offer a positive approach to precautions and resolutions. Licensed services include:

AIR TESTING FOR MOLD - What type of mold is affecting air quality and at what concentration.  This will allow the inspector to access the health risks and concerns and recommend cleanup steps.

AIR TESTING FOR ASBESTOS -  testing for the presence of asbestos and at what concentration.

BULK ASBESTOS SAMPLING - A questionable substance is taken from you home or facility by the inspector and submitted to an authorized testing facility for analysis to determine if it is asbestos. And, if so, what type and percentage.

AIR SAFETY MONITORING - Air Monitoring means airborne asbestos fiber sampling to assist in assessing exposures and the effectiveness of control measures. We employ a licensed Asbestos Project Inspector (API) as an independent third party to monitor the commercial remediation or removal project to preclude any environmental impact or exposure to the contractor’s employees.

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